Use your interactive class notes on an Android tablet!

Want to create your own interactive class notes and use them on your Android tablet device? I suggest you visit my first post on interactive class notes, download the Sample Template and then follow the simple step by step guide before reading the rest of this post.

Done that already? Awesome! Time to have some fun!

Depending on your version of Microsoft Office, you will most likely need download and install the save as PDF add-in from You can do this from the following link or just download it here: Save as PDF Add-in (1125)


This add-in will enable you to save your presentation in PDF format (quite handy…) while retaining all the hyper-links. Your students can then download the interactive class notes PDF file you have created, open it using any PDF reader app installed on their Android tablet device, read it, make annotations and interact with the content by tapping on the interface components. Just like in the video.

To instantly share your PDF file with your students you can make use of the Chapter Green Digital Platform, other great applications such as Dropbox or one of the learning management systems available from your university.

Hint: Unfortunately, most Android presentation apps (I use Polaris) do not support hyper-linked navigation or animations, so if you open any PowerPoint file on your tablet device it will only advance sequentially.

Keep in mind that any animations and transition effects added in your presentation will not be included in the PDF file you make available to your students. Just as well, they give a great effect to the interactive calss notes but could slow down tablet devices and increase file size quite a bit.

Hint: You can link your Android tablet to a PC by using remote desktop applications such as PPT ODP Remote. This will allow you to change the slides on the projector as you walk around in class with your Android tablet device!

Now that you can create your own interactive class notes:

Keep in mind that the PDF files shouldn’t be too large. This generally makes it slow to download and might slow down the Android device, making it frustrating to use in class or while studying.

Some students will print their class notes. Your design should thus accommodate greyscale and still display the content properly when printed.

Be creative and have loads of fun!

You can focus on bringing what matters to your students.

If you have any questions or comments, send them to or leave them in the comments section. I’d like to find out what you think of the template and any new ideas you might have while creating your own interactive class notes!

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