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Everyone is talking about using e-learning, interactive class notes, quizzes, interactive textbooks and tablet devices. Where to start? What formats to use? What functionality to include? How they will display on various devices? Not even to mention how to create interactive content yourself.  This is all really confusing and frustrating!

What if you could create your own INTERACTIVE class notes without touching a design tool or writing a single line of complicated code? What if you could create them with the stuff you already know and use every day?

The following video shows an example of interactive class notes I have created using nothing but Microsoft PowerPoint and Chapter Green’s Interactive Sample Template. You can see how I interact with the class notes on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1”, tapping my way through the different screens and content!

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Here are some images of the Sample Template I created entirely from scratch using Microsoft PowerPoint and used in the video:

Why use PowerPoint?

The challenge with currently creating interactive class notes is that you need to be computer programmer or hire one to code the features and formats needed to interact with the content. This makes creating interactive class notes and textbooks really slow, expensive and thus impractical to use in your classroom and as part of your course.

Most lecturers already know how and use PowerPoint to create class notes and presentations. Master slides make it possible to reuse interface components across multiple slides, hyperlinks add clickability to your class notes, and slide transitions create cool interface animations. PowerPoint works seamlessly with Adobe CS apps and other Microsoft products, so copying and pasting graphics and other content works easily and seamlessly.

This means that you can create your own interactive class notes quickly and easily with no need to wait for a development team or take the time out of your busy day to struggle with complicated new software or learn any new skills. Best of all, your new interactive notes can be instantly made available to your students to read on their laptops, e-reader or tablet devices.

How do you create similar interactive class notes?

1. Subscribe to the Chapter Green Blog to gain access to the free Chapter Green Sample Template

2. Download the Sample Template file

3. Follow the simple step by step guide to creating your own interactive class notes

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