Products and Services

Chapter Green provides various solutions to academic institutions allowing them to take full advantage of tablet and e-reader technology and provide an engaging, quality educational experience.

Training and Consulting

Chapter Green offers universities and other academic institutions various training courses and consulting services aimed at how to create interactive class notes and implement digital solutions in their class rooms and as part of their curricula.

Digital Platform

The Chapter Green Digital Platform allows academic institutions and publishers to upload, manage and distribute digital content including their newly created interactive class notes, digital textbooks and various other e-learning solutions.

Digital Bookstore

The Chapter Green Digital Bookstore provides students with all of their prescribed textbooks in digital format to buy, download, read and use on their tablet and e-reader devices. Our content management application is linked directly to our Digital Bookstore allowing quick and easy downloads along with all the tools and functionality students might require to use their devices in a distance learning or classroom environment.

Tablet and e-Reader Devices

Through various partnerships with industry leading providers Chapter Green recommends and provides a range of supported tablet and e-reader devices based on the specific needs and requirements of each institution and their students.


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